"Helping children appreciate
and enjoy the world around them."™

We are pleased to announce
our newest release -
Fun Baby™.
The Fun Baby video is the
second video in the Calm Baby
"Infant Series" and it abounds
with fascinating images,
music, puppets, and more
to bring out your child's playful
and happy nature!


Fun Baby Video

PARENTING magazine picks Fun Baby
as a "2005 Video of the Year Award Winner!"


The Fun Baby™ video abounds with fascinating images, music, puppets, and more to bring out your child's playful, happy nature.
Fun Baby Pics  

Baby Videos
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Baby Videos

Baby Videos


Water has a calming effect on all of us, especially babies and young children.
From a running faucet, to a fountain or a waterfall, the sound of water soothes
the ears of little ones and is irresistable to watch.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Calm Baby®, where water dances along with the fresh arrangements of nursery songs, classical music, and brightly colored toys and objects.

This one-of-a-kind baby video was created by the parents of triplets, and the parents of an infant and a two-year-old who decided to create a baby video that would stimulate their babies and toddlers minds as well as relax them. After seeing how their children responded to Calm Baby, they decided to make this baby video available to other families as well.

Included with the Calm Baby video is the Calm Baby audio CD with additional music, so these classic tunes can be enjoyed anywhere. This baby video for infants and toddlers makes a great baby shower gift.

We hope the Calm Baby video will be a captivating experience for you and your family as you encounter the wonderful sights and sounds of water in your own home.


  Baby Video Award

Baby Video Award


Baby Videos


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